At TYWLS of Brooklyn, we empower our young women, grades 6-12, to become confident and compassionate leaders. We nurture our students in a safe, welcoming and empowering environment, focusing on their academic achievement, socio-emotional well-being, and post-secondary success.

Middle School Admissions Update

The NYC Department of Education Middle School application deadline has been extended to February 17th, 2023!

To apply, contact your current school counselor for support in applying to our middle school!

Our middle school code is K614M.

High School Admissions

The NYC Department of Education High School application deadline for School Year 2023-24 is currently closed.

Annually in December, there are three ways to apply to TYWLS of Brooklyn:

  • Apply online: To apply online, visit NYC My Schools, create an account and be sure to include TYWLS of Brooklyn as one of your top five school choices! Our high school code is L66A.

  • Apply with the help of your current school counselor.

  • Apply through a family welcome center.

Students who attend TYWLS of Brooklyn Middle School are given priority acceptance to TYWLS of Brooklyn High School. Still, students must go through the same application process as students applying from outside of TYWLS. For more information on the NYC high school admissions process click here


Our community embraces diversity, welcoming English Language Learners, students with special needs, and students from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Admissions are open to:

  • students entering the 6th grade

  • students entering the 9th grade

  • students interested in transferring during the school year

Admissions and Enrollment Information (per NYC DOE Guidelines for SY23-24)

Students Applying for 6th Grade

  • Open Admissions

    • Students are randomly selected

  • Order in which seats are offered

    • Priority to applicants whose sibling(s) will be enrolled in this school next year

    • Then to Students and Residents of Brooklyn and Queens

Students Applying for 9th Grade

  • Screened Admissions

    • If we received more applications than seats available, students are admitted based on their course grades as per DOE Policy

  • Order in which seats are offered

    • Priority to continuing 8th graders

    • Then to Brooklyn students or residents

    • Then to New York City residents

Students Interested in Transferring

  • TYWLS Brooklyn accepts transfer students as long as seats are available

  • We are currently accepting students for this school year in all grades

Want to Transfer to TYWLS of Brooklyn?

If you would like to transfer to TYWLS of Brooklyn, entering any grades besides 6th grade and 9th grade, please contact us using this enrollment form. For more information, email us at