TYWLS Brooklyn has several clubs that meet various interests after school and during the school day. 
Club NameDescription
Student GovernmentThe Student Government in an organization that is made up of student representatives across all grades, 6-12. The purpose is to have the voices of the students heard and to make improvements in all areas of the school (academic, social, etc.). The Student government is responsible for fun school wide events such as Color Games, Wack-o-Ween, the Talent Show, and more. We also organize school dances, community service walks and events, and support other clubs in the school.
This club has an attendance requirement.
TYWLS Dance EnsembleTYWLS Dance Ensemble is an audition based club that is designed for advanced dance students in ballet, modern, jazz etc. Students will learn to work with each other in a professional performance atmosphere. Students are required to wear proper dance attire and commit to 2 days a week during 3rd period (HS Lunch).Students will learn and perform various choreography from different styles and also have the opportunity to choreograph their own dance pieces that will be showcased.
This club requires an audition.
Tech InternsTYLWS Tech Interns have the opportunity to earn critical experience to put on their resumes as well as community service hours. Responsibilities include:, Maintain Laptop Carts, Perform Minor Tech Requests
Inventory and labeling, Media Center / Computer Lab, Assisting Main office with minor tech needs.
This club requires an application, due November 15th.
RUSH ArtsCome and work in the Art Gallery with teaching artists and explore this year’s theme, HOME. There will be two gallery shows this year. Students participating in this program also have access to weekend and evening art programs.
This club requires an application for weekend programs.
TYWLS Student AmbassadorsThe purpose of the Ambassador program is to recruit students interested in attending TYWLS of Brooklyn and to help prospective students and their families understand what it means to be a member of the TYWLS of Brooklyn community. Ambassadors must develop in depth knowledge of all aspects of TYWLS of Brooklyn such as, YWLN history & impact, CollegeBound Initiative, C2OP4R2, academic programs/policy, extracurricular programs/opportunities, etc. As front line representatives of TYWLS of Brooklyn, Ambassadors must demonstrate our C2OP4R2Creed on a daily basis. The Ambassador program will help students develop confidence, leadership skills, public speaking skills, and school spirit.
This club requires an application.
Mural ClubThe TYWLS Mural Club will design and execute murals on the walls of the school, to be decided by the club. Students will be involved in the entire process, from creating proposal sketches to voting on a mural to painting it on the wall.
This club has an attendance requirement.
Environmental Clean-UpThis organization will help with begin a can/bottle recycling program at our school. Along with other essential recycling programs and any other environmental projects the group would like to do.
This club has an attendance requirement.
Natural Beauty ClubThe Natural Beauty Club is a place where young women can come to learn how to care for and take pride in their natural beauty. Club will cover topics such as taking care of natural hair, best methods of skin care, health and wellness, and will also involve many practical demonstrations and explanations.
EnvirothonThis is a chance for 5 young women interested in Environmental Science to gain hands-on learning in the areas of forestry, soil conservation, water environments, animal habitat, and more. They will explore these areas through local venues and then compete against other teams to show off their skills and learning.
This club requires an application.
Positivity ClubThe positivity club is a place where students can come to discuss their problems. At this club (the first Wednesday of each month), students will discuss their struggles. It is a safe place where we can all self reflect as we grow. At the positivity club, students will learn the value of living a happy life. Students will take part in activities that encourage a positive outlook including writing letters to themselves, goal setting, and school beautification and connections. Students will learn how to trust each other and inspire each other.
"Math is Fun" ClubStudents will have a variety of activities including Weekly Extra Credit assignments, help with their daily homework, assistance from their peers, etc.
Spanish ClubThe Spanish Club is for any student interested in learning about the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking culture. You do not have to speak Spanish to attend. Activities may include movies in Spanish, food tasting and cultural events.
Safe Space GSAWe are a gay straight alliance that advocates for all students being welcomed and supported at TYWLS.
Fitness ClubGet Active... Fitness is personal, choose to build your own program, circuit train, or play a game that incorporates cardio, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Join us in making fitness fun!
Read AllianceRead Alliance works to improve the educational trajectory of at-risk kindergarten and first grade students through one-to-one tutoring in foundational reading skills. Read tutors are hired and trained to implement the Reading for All Learnings Program. Learn how to teach students foundational reading skills, build job skills, and build your college portfolios by becoming a tutor with us.
NextGenVestStudents discuss issues dealing with concepts in Finance, College Preparedness, and Credit. Members will get to collaborate with other school in the area, state, nation, and world! Members will also have the opportunity to go a conference in the Spring where they will get to meet other NextGenVest members from around the world. This fall the conference had members from Dubai, Australia, Canada, and France! Come Join!
Step UpStep Up is a national nonprofit that offers after-school and mentorship programs that help high school girls from under-resourced communities become confident, college-bound, career-focused and ready to join the next generation of professional women. Step Up inspires a network of professional women to inspire teen girls through programs that engage and connect. Nationally, we use the network of 130,000 women supporters and, in New York, harness the resources and time of 700 members who subsequently serve as mentors to teen girls at partner high schools in five schools in New York City. Step Up in Los Angeles and Chicago also serve teen girls in four partner high schools within each city. Step Up teens participate in confidence-building workshops in 9th and 10th grade; attend professional field trips to companies like AOL, Revlon, Pandora, Google, Macy’s in 11th grade, participate in monthly college and career prep workshops in 12th grade, and receive paid internships the summer before their freshman year of college. All Step Up teens receive a free 5 year Step Up membership after high school graduation and come back as Step Up mentors!
This club has an attendance requirement.
Anime ClubThe Anime club is a fun group of students that meets weekly. Students can discuss, show, and promote anime in a local community setting and also broadens Japanese cultural understanding.