TYLWS of Brooklyn has moved to distance learning

Distance Learning

Distance Learning will be taking place instead on "in-class" learning, allowing students to learn from home. We're various tools to help make this type of learning for our students similar to their regular routine. Many teachers will have online class sessions via video using Zoom or Google Meet/Hangouts. Discussions and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Please reach out to us for any concerns or questions at admin@tywlsbrooklyn.org, support@tywlsbrooklyn.org. You're also encouraged to reach out the teacher directly as well.

Technology Device Request

The DOE is shipping out iPads with cellular data! If you need one, please with your parent or guardian fill out the Remote Learning Device Request Form. Devices to will be distributed to families who complete the form on a rolling basis. Alternatively, you may request a laptop for usage, please reach out to admin@tywlsbrooklyn.org and support@tywlsbrooklyn.org.