The Young Women's Leadership School of Brooklyn was established in 2008 to nurture the intellectual curiosity and creativity of young women by supporting the “whole girl” in order to maximize academic achievement, social-emotional well-being, and postsecondary success. 

TYWLS, Brooklyn is supported by the Young Women’s Leadership Network and its CollegeBound Initiative to replicate the best practices of private and independent girls’ schools.

At our school, learning is dynamic and participatory, enabling students to experience great success on many levels, especially in the STEM subjects: science, mathematics and technology. 

Girls’ education research guides the TYWLS model, an academically rigorous program fused with strong social-emotional support that forms the basis of TYWLS’ “whole girl” approach to education.

Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best both in and out of classroom, as we strive to work with families to install in our students a sense of community, responsibility, and ethical principles of behavior—characteristics that will help make them leaders of their generation. 

TYWLS, Brooklyn students have the opportunity to attend yearly international trips to destinations such as China, Italy, France and London, as well as regular college trips throughout the year. 


Our strong partnerships with outside organizations enrich our curriculum and provide our students with experiences that further deepen their learning.